Selected Food & Dining

Service: The Infatuation, March 2021: “The Best Tonkotsu Ramen In LA”

Reporting: , Dec 2020: "Big Ag and labor groups alike want food and farm workers at the front of the vaccination line"

Service: Bon Appetit’s Basically, Sept 2020: “Velveting Is the Chinese Technique That Takes Stir-Fries to the Next Level”

Recipe: Eater Los Angeles, Aug 2020: “This mantou panzanella is my personal King Lear”

Service: Prevention, Aug 2020: “14 Best Food Documentaries to Stream and Watch in 2020”

Branded Content: Toasttab's On the Line, Aug 2020: “What Is Cultural Appropriation, and How Does It Come up in Restaurants?”

Reporting/commentary: The Takeout, June 2020: “Milo is the Southeast Asian Nesquik—if Nesquik tasted good”

Reporting: Eater Los Angeles, April 2020: "Koreatown’s Old Guard Restaurants and Newcomers Alike Struggle to Survive During Pandemic”

Reporting: Eater Los Angeles, April 2020: "LA’s High-End Omakase Restaurants Adapt by Serving Luxe Bento Boxes and DIY Sushi Kits"

Service: Eater Los Angeles, Mar 2020: “LA Restaurants Are Selling Groceries and Pantry Items to Help People Fulfill Basic Needs”

Reporting: New York Times, Mar 2020: “Picking America’s Next Top Barista” (interactive)

Full article published in Mar 26 print edition: read PDF

Reporting/commentary: Eater National, Feb 2020: “The Sweet Pleasures of the Asian Fruit Cream Cake”

Audio: USC Annenberg Media, Nov 2019: Yordanos Ethiopian Restaurant serves Baldwin Hills area residents new flavors and traditional Ethiopian coffee

Service: LAist/KPCC, Aug 2019: “Popcorn Chicken. Brick Toast. Bubble Waffles. Here Are LA's Best Boba Snacks”

Health & Wellness

Recipe / op-ed: Well+Good, May 2020: “Plant-Based Eating Is So Much More Than Grain Bowls and Carrot Bacon—As Proven by This Chinese Buddhist Recipe”

Service / interview: Greatist, May 2020: “We Spoke to Instagram's Millennial Therapist About Jealousy”

Service / op-ed: Greatist, Feb 2020: “Got Wellness Fatigue? Here's How to Combat It”

Advertorial: Miss Grass, April 2020: “The Doze Dose: Secrets to Cannabis + Sleep”

Culture / LA

Service:Thrillist, December 2020: "10 Outdoor Workouts and Exercise Classes in LA"

Profile: Mochi Magazine, Nov 2019: “Andi Mack” Star Lilan Bowden Is Definitely Asian Enough”

Profile: Los Angeleno, Oct 2019: “Meet Funky Sole’s Rave Grandma,” Los Angeleno, October 9, 2019

Graduate Work

Multimedia: Spring Thesis, May 2020: “The Dark Side of Ketamine”- From media hype to false hope: What happens when ketamine, depression treatment du jour, doesn’t work?

Multimedia: Fall Final, Dec 2019: “Death by a Thousand Cuts” - uncovering the long history of medical neglect in ICE detention centers

Multimedia: Fall Midterm, Oct 2019: “The Fairest of Them All” - the harm and self-hatred behind skin lightening beauty products in Asian America

Multimedia: Summer Intensive, Aug 2019: “Bridging the Green Space Gap” - disparities in L.A.’s access to the outdoors (primary reporter/author)

Data visualization (Carto): Intro to Data Journalism, Aug 2019: Spatial visualizations of property and violent crime in downtown L.A. over time

Property crime breakdown by census tract from 2010 to August 2019
Violent crime breakdown by census tract from 2010 to August 2019